No matter how much you love your children, you don’t have to let “motherhood” become your sole identity.

What's Inside?

The REDISCOVER guide consists of nine modules focusing on various aspects of being both a mother and an individual. First, you'll go through the baby steps of letting go of your unrealistic expectations and finding things that motivate and inspire you.Then, I’ll help you set goals, look after yourself, and find like-minded individuals to share your journey with. Throughout the 56 pages, we’ll go through various activities including affirmations, mantras, self-reflections, journal prompts, and a self-care assessment.

What About Your Authentic Self?

You deserve to take some time to reconnect with your authentic self and remember who you really are. That’s where my course comes in. I won’t teach you to start a six-figure business or look like a supermodel, although both things are within your reach if you want them. I just want you to dedicate yourself to reconnecting with your life purpose and finding joy in life again.

I'm Ready To Reconnect

There’s just one requirement before joining the REDISCOVER journey. You must let go of being the perfect mother who can give everything to her children without caring about her own identity. Agreed? Great, now we can get started.

Let's Get Started